23. 11. 2012

A Winter´s Gift


i have participated by a track to "A Winters Gift" a charity compilation compiled by Hibernate recordings. profits from the album will go to Crisis Counselling, a charity established in 1996 to significantly reduce the barriers and exclusion in mental health care.

originally released as a CD and given away for free with a ticket purchased for hibernate's Winter's Gift show at Cafe Oto, London + now is available for download via Bandcamp with 100% of proceeds going to the Crisis Councelling charity. 
Please donate and buy the album if you can afford it here.


21. 11. 2012


my track "zrkadlenie noci" appears on fifth edition of SEQUENCE series.
there are lot of wonderful artists from all around the world & it is available for free.
for streaming & downloading and/or for info about other releases of this great label, please visit futuresequence.

9. 7. 2012

analog venus [cassette]

new [& my first :-) ] cassette "analog venus" was released on 7th July by the Japanese label Ginjoha.
album consists of 4 tracks [bright queen of the sky / terraforming / crackling aphrodite / analog venus] written and recorded between June 2011 & February 2012.

for more info, samples & orders, please visit Ginjoha.

13. 3. 2012

standing out against the sea

new album "standing out against the sea" was released by Canadian label DataObscura on 12 March 2012.

album consists of 8 homogeneous  tracks [poppy seeds / standing out against the sea / in all the wrong places / the passage of truth / rearviewmirror / digital saturn / haanah / kalimagdora] recorded during the last two years.
for more info, samples & orders, please visit DataObscura.

27. 2. 2012

underexposed series on fluid radio

fluid radio has published under "underexposed" series my collaboration work based on photos taken by peter nejedly. i was initially going to create a minimal audio piece, but whilst viewing the photos over and over again i discovered so much detail within the images and changed my mind – i still wanted to make something minimal in structure but with a slight melodic touch at the same time.
i have tried to proceed similarly to the process of making photos – using solely one instrument to create the sounds (acoustic guitar), recording within a few hours and adding very little post production.

enjoy the music while you’re enjoying the photos…
enjoy the photos while you’re enjoying the music…

25. 1. 2012

famadihana [ep]

new ep "famadihana" was released last saturday on french taâlem.

ep consists of 3 tracks [...leaving / famadihana / world of a thousand colours ] recorded in spring 2010.
the tracks for "famadihana" were recorded after finishing the "dni stratili svoju farbu" cd (hibernate, april 2011) with aim to create quite minimal guitar drones. 

"famadihana" refers to a funeray tradition of the malagasy people in madagascar known as "the turning of the bones", people bring forth the bodies of their ancestors from the family crypts and rewrap them in fresh cloth, then dance with the corpses around the tomb to live music.

ep is available as a 3"cdr or FLAC files.

for ordering and more info about this great label, please visit taâlem.

20. 1. 2012

ghosts are the most fragile while dancing [ep]

new ep "ghosts are the most fragile while dancing" was released in november 2011 by the uk based twisted tree line.

ep consists of 3 tracks [stopy snov / ghosts are the most fragile while dancing / black´Ra] recorded between august & october 2011.

ep is available in a limited postcard edition of 100 copies and can be purchased through twisted tree line webstore.