7. 2. 2017

.​.​.​that first season [compilation]

i have contributed by an exclusive track :not everything dies: on the double cd compilation "...that first season" released by the Dutch based Winter-Light records.

for more info, purchasing & downloading and/or for info about other releases of this great label, please visit Winter-Light or Winter-Light bandcamp.  

11. 1. 2017

the opposite of aloof vol. 1 [compilation]

new compilation titled :the opposite of aloof vol. 1: was released today by the newly estabilished label ACR. the compilation is free / name your price and i have contributed with the track :totem:

great to be a part & huge thanks to everyone involved!

9. 1. 2017

Illuminations [compilation]

exclusive track :memory maker: appears on Illuminations - The New Year 2017 free compilation -  released by Russian Dronarivm records.
for streaming & downloading and/or for info about other releases of this wonderful label, please visit Dronarivm bandcamp. 

3. 1. 2017

homework - year 1 [compilation]

exclusive track :calling the rain: appears on homework - year 1 - free downloadable compilation which was just released by taâlem.
52 tracks from almost all artists released by this great fr/be label.

Prietenii [compilation]

exclusive track :gone: appears on :prietenii: compilation released by Hibernate Recordings. 100% income going to help stray Romanian dogs.

1. 8. 2016

the white colour of the clouds [cassette]

new cassette album "the white colour of the clouds" was released yesterday on the germany based cosmic winnetou records. cassette contains six tracks [all the bright places / ráno druhého dňa ako plynie ticho / because you left /  concrete, bones & dreams / chvenie].

comes in a limited edition of 70 copies. digital version will follow.

available at cosmic winnetou web here.

17. 2. 2016

'49°05'19,3"N 22°34'04,0'E' [cd]

new cd album '49°05'19,3"N 22°34'04,0'E' which is the result of my collaboration work with Robert Skrzyński aka Micromelancolié from Poland was just released by the Polish label Zoharum Records.

album consists of two tracks which combine transmuted guitars, electronic, field recordings and various sonic structures.  

cd comes in the edition of 300 ecopacks.

copies can be obtained here